Sun Damaged Skin, Brown Spots & Rosacea

Photo-Facial for Sun Damaged Skin, Brown Spots & Rosacea

A laser or light treatment can reduce (or get rid of) the blood vessels. To remove thickening skin, dermatologists may use laser resurfacing. Laser treatment can also reduce redness. In a few small studies, lasers were used to treat permanent redness on the face or the redness surrounding acne-like blemishes.

The technique directs short, concentrated pulsating beams of light at sun-damaged skin, precisely removing skin layer by layer. In this way, damaged skin can be removed in a very precise manner, one layer at a time. Laser resurfacing results in fewer problems with hypopigmentation, or lightening of skin.

The laser heats up and shatters the pigment. The pigment is then drawn to the surface without harming the surrounding tissue. Once drawn to the surface, the pigmented lesions will fade or dry and flake off the treated area, leaving the skin with an even tone and complexion.

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