Laser Tattoo Removal


Laser tattoo removal is a standard and effective procedure that permanently erases unwanted tattoos from the skin. Using a laser allows the heat emitted to break up the tattoo ink and lighten it on the skin’s surface.

Although it’s not an immediate solution (multiple sessions are needed to lighten a tattoo fully), it is effective in lessening the appearance of a tattoo.

Regardless of the brand name of the tattoo laser used, the principle of action is the same from one to the next: to break down the pigments and naturally expel them from the body.

Tattoo removal

Frequently asked questions

Laser tattoo removal works by using heat emitted from a laser to break up the ink pigments within the skin. Tattoo ink is known to contain solid particles, which gives the tattoo its vibrancy and potent staying power. However, the only known entity that can break down these pigments is short energy bursts from lasers.

Different energy levels and pulses are used to break down the colors in a tattoo. Energy is sent directly into the tattoo with each pass to lighten its colour. Darker colours are often more challenging to remove, so multiple treatments are needed.

However, one important thing to know about laser tattoo removal is that it doesn’t work all that fast to provide results. Multiple laser tattoo removal sessions are required to lighten the tattoo to the point where it is barely visible. In addition, this treatment does not result in an immediate disappearance of the tattoo pigments because the multiple wavelengths are often necessary to eliminate the unwanted colour, and you cannot do this all in one sitting.

After each session, your provider will coat your tattoo in a special ointment to help speed up the healing process. It will also be covered with a bandage, which also helps limit sun exposure. Once the tattoo heals, you’ll notice it is fading in about one week.

Since everyone responds differently to laser tattoo removal, and all tattoos are different in their way, some patients need more sessions than others. However, on average, six to eight sessions are recommended to erase your unwanted tattoo.

Each session can last 20 to 30 minutes or longer depending on the area being treated, the tattoo’s size, color, and what part of the removal process you are in.

Laser tattoo removal has gotten a bad reputation for being painful, but today’s devices are advanced and more tolerable.

In addition, topical numbing cream can be used to make the process more comfortable for those who desire it.

Overall, the treatment feels similar to a rubber band snap on the skin. Each pulse is quick. Once the entire area is treated, the skin will start to ‘frost’ and look like it has a white cast over the skin. This is a temporary effect that soon fades away.

To determine the cost of your laser tattoo removal treatment, we recommend a quick consultation. Our providers can discuss the treatment details with you to obtain your desired results.

We tailor the treatment to your needs, and the cost varies. A single treatment ranges from $150 for smaller tattoos up to $600 for larger tattoos, depending on treatment details. Our team can create a custom package and a more precise cost for the treatment. A consultation with our staff will provide a more accurate treatment cost.

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