Psoriasis Care

Psoriasis Care


Complete itch relief in less than a week and up to 65% clearance with a full treatment course.


No harmful side effects, no treatment rebound.


Full treatment in 4-6 weeks
(based on the recommended treatment course of two sessions per week for 4-6 weeks)


No creams, no stains, no limitations.

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic, genetic, incurable, non-contagious skin disorder that appears in many different forms. A disease of the immune system, its causes are still largely unknown. Healthy skin grows and sheds at a steady pace that goes mostly unnoticed. This process takes about one month. With psoriasis, the immune system sends faulty signals that speed skin cell growth up 10 times faster than normal.

As the epidermis thickens with extra skin cells, blood vessels dilate with increased blood supply to nourish those cells. Dead cells pile up on the surface to create a white, flaky layer over a patch of inflamed skin.

How it works

LHE® phototherapy for psoriasis selectively pinpoints and treats damaged tissue leaving healthy tissue untouched and unharmed. LHE® treatments have the added advantage of using both light and heat to achieve maximum effectiveness with a far shorter treatment time. Clinical results show a steady decline in Psoriasis Severity Index (PSI) scores after only a few treatments and can induce prolonged remission in chronic plaque psoriasis with no harmful side effects.


In treatment of psoriasis LHE utilizes visible light primarily from the yellow and green spectrums to close down the underlying blood vessels that maintain psoriatic plaque. Employing the principles of selective photothermolysis, LHE targets the blood-rich substructure of psoriatic lesions. With its unique light and heat technology, LHE coagulates blood vessels effectively cutting off blood supply and inhibiting the psoriatic response.

LHE Psoriasis Care LHE®, Light and Heat Energy, provides relief without need for topical therapies, oral medications, painful injections or exposure to the dangers of UV light. LHE® phototherapy for mild to moderate chronic plaque psoriasis is a completely safe and can bring complete relief from itching in as little as 2-3 sessions. Most patients experience a 65% clearance in psoriatic lesions after a full treatment course of 8-10 treatments carried out over 4-5 weeks.

Customizable treatment packages as well as affordable payment plans are available.

2 WEEKLY TREATMENTS , 1 HOUR EACH TREATMENT.           $125 for 2, 1 hour sessions


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