3D Camera In-depth Skin Health Analysis Facial



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Facial to include, Cleansing,Visual Skin Analysis, 3D Camera Analysis, Exfoliation, Extractions, Cleanse, Mask, finished with skin appropriate products.  A treatment plan, home care will be discussed at the end of the treatment.

Our skin analysis device system creates a comprehensive snapshot of overall skin health.

A camera uses regular, polarized and UV light to take 6 magnified (50x) images of the skin on the cheek (U zone), forehead (T zone) and adjacent to the eyes. The system then analyses the images and provides readings on sebum & moisture levels, texture, collagen, sensitivity, pores and pigmentation.

A report is then generated which provides a detailed explanation of the results and offers recommendations on both diet & lifestyle changes and treatment regimens that can help you achieve optimal skin health. In addition a 3D rendering of the skin surface is generated which can be rotated to clearly show build up of dead skin cells.

Finally MAUREEN will provide specific suggestions on products that will bring your skin back to healthy.  Your full report with photos is kept on file for future reference.


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