New Clients

At Skin Effects Laser Clinic we understand that you may have questions or concerns regarding our treatments. Perhaps you don’t know where to start and which treatment to start with.

We offer a 20 minute  consultation with your technician to answer any of those questions you have. Your consultation can either be rolled into a new service booking, or can be made as a stand-alone appointment. If you choose the stand alone treatment please book SKIN ANALYSIS, which includes a mini facial.

We want you to have the knowledge to feel at ease with the treatments you decide on and comfortable with the technician performing your treatments.

Existing Clients

Existing clients booking a service they have not previously had with us will require a consultation for that new service. This consultation will be rolled into your scheduled appointment.


Book your Consultation now.

Please note you MUST book a FREE 20 minute consultation with every new treatment, even if you are an existing client.  To book a more indepth consult please book a SKIN ANALYSIS