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Maureen Spahr  is Certified in Advanced Clinical Skin Care & Cosmetic & Medical Laser Technologies

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Maureen Spahr


Maureen is well trained in Anti-Aging treatments, has trained extensively in Laser Hair removal, Acne Skin treatments, Photo Rejuvenation (Pigment Correction), Micro-Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy),  Nano-Needling, Microdermabrasion (Exfoliation of the Corneum Layer), Body Contouring (RF fat reduction and tightening), Face Sculpting (RF Lifting and Tightening), Waxing, Teeth Whitening, Lash Extensions, Henna Brow,  Lash Lifts and Tints and Corrective Medical Facials, including Micro-Current, Chemical Peels & Dermaplaning.  Maureen continues to educate and upgrade her skills and prides herself on offering her clients a range of treatments, most recently she has included Henna Brow Shaping and Air Brush sunless tanning

No matter the clients issues Maureen analyzes and develops an individual, cost effective skincare regimen designed to maintain treatment results and prevent further skin damage.

She discovered her love of skin care when her grandson, now 13, developed severe Psoriasis at the age of 2.  She was determined to help him beyond the topical treatments prescribed by Dermatologists so she attended school to learn the Physiology of skin.  She has developed a love for the industry and sets out to correct, enhance and eliminate issues her clients have. Warm and caring, she takes pride in working personally with each of her clients to develop a personalized treatment plan focused on realistic and satisfying results.

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If you would like a more in depth look into your skin health please book "Consultation/Skin Analysis" or "IN-DEPTH SKIN HEALTH ANALYSIS FACIAL USING 3D Camera"